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EIBI & ABA Services

Children's Services

EIBI & ABA Services

NOCS provides a variety of services within home, school, and community settings. Our professionals are committed to working with the learner’s support team to identify the successes and barriers to reaching full potential. Community based programs allow development of skills in the natural environment, and also provides opportunities for families to observe sessions and apply strategies outside of session hours.

What is EIBI?

EIBI, or Early Intensive Behavioural Intervention, is an evidence-based therapeutic approach that is highly structured and rooted in principles of ABA. EIBI is a comprehensive treatment approach, provided for a minimum of 20 hours per week. Research has identified learners under the age of 6 experience greater impact with this mode of treatment as compared to older learners.

What is ABA?

ABA is an evidence-based approach that uses learning and motivation to affect socially significant change and is used in various capacities across many different industries, such as education, mental health, and organizational management.

We offer 3 different treatment models
differentiated by treatment goals and intensity of hours necessary to make meaningful change.
Skill Development

Skill Treatment

Treatment is developed to teach

1-2 specific skills. Typically, this requires the lowest level of intensity in relation to treatment hours (i.e., 3hrs-8hrs/week), but more participation from the learner’s support team to maintain ongoing

skill acquisition.



Treatment is developed to target 2-3 developmental domains (e.g., language, social skills, challenging behaviour, etc.).  This is considered a moderate intensity of treatment hours (i.e., 5-15hrs/week),

with a 6-month service delivery model that includes assessment,

treatment, generalization, and maintenance phases. 



EIBI Treatment is developed using

curricula that addresses multiple developmental domains (e.g., communication, play, adaptive, social, academic, etc.). Often, behaviour reduction programming is necessary to address challenging behaviours and facilitate learning availability.  This is considered a high intensity model of treatment (i.e., 20-30hrs/week), with a minimum

6-month service delivery model. 

Consulation & Caregiver Coaching

Children's Services

Consultation & Caregiver Coaching

We offer structured caregiver coaching sessions, using evidence-based programs to meet the individual needs of your family. Our approach aims to be family-centred as we strive to increase caregivers knowledge of ABA to create meaningful and long-lasting change.

Children's Services

Challenging Behaviour Assessment

Challenging Behaviour Assessment

This service is geared toward addressing those behaviours that significantly impact the learner’s day-to-day functioning.  A Functional Assessment aims to understand ‘why’ challenging behaviour is occurring, and what skills need to be taught to reduce the need for the challenging behaviours to occur.  The focus of this approach is to stabilize the environmental response and minimize the risk to self or others.  A personalized analysis of problem behaviours is designed to inform socially meaningful treatment plans.

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